Frequently Asked Questions

Please read some of the common questions & answers. If you question is not listed please contact support.

  • What is the process for Priority Icons Request


    Tap on the number of icons you want to buy. A confirmation will popup for Google Sign In. After you Sign In, again tap on the number of icons you want to buy to initiate the purchase. Complete payment. Check your email for confirmation from mail@gseth.com and reply with what apps you want themed.

  • How long does it take for the app to updated with my themed icon(s) after payment?


    For 1 icon 5 days, 2 icons 10 days, 3 icons 15 days, 4 icons, 20 days, 5 icons 25 days. Days are calculated from the time I receive the email @mail@gseth.com with Google Play links of apps to be themed.

  • What happens if the app is not updated with the time frame?


    In any scenario if I am not able to theme the icons I would communicate the same via email for an extention or give a full refund if requested immediately.

  • Why is Google Sign - In Required?


    We use Google Sign - In because its a secure way to log in from your account. Once you sign in and make an in-app purchase an email confirmation is sent to your with the order id from our servers.

  • Do I need to Google Sign - In for every Purchase?


    No. Its a one time process unless you clear storage / cache or uninstall and reinstall the app.

  • I signed in but there is no log out button?


    Firstly you should sign in only if you want to go ahead with your purchase. For some reason you want to sign out you have to long press the app icon - go to app info - storage and cache - clear storage.

  • What data do you collect when I use Google Sign - In?


    Please read our privacy policy at: GSeth Icon Packs Privacy Policy

  • Why do I have to manually send Google Play App Links?


    Due to new privacy policy laws we will not scan your device to get a list of apps installed even if you give permission. Its not advisable as per guidelines.

  • What if my app is not listed on Google Play?


    Unfortunately only Google Play App Icons are supported for priority theming.

  • Whats the difference between priority and normal request?


    Due to a very high number of requests, normal request is not guaranteed. A priority request is guaranteed. Normal request are free, priority request are paid.

  • F.A.Q Last Updated: 24th Dec 2020